Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry


Modern X-ray laboratory
05.08 2015

The basis for proper dental diagnosis is detailed X-ray examination.


In our laboratory we use modern VATECH PaxDuo 3D tomograph. 3D examinations allow us looking at the tooth and bones from practically each side due to what implants planning, endodontic treatment or surgical treatment become foreseeable and safer.


In the laboratory we also perform examinations ordered by other doctors. More information can be found at

Digital Smile Design
05.08 2015

The experience of a doctor and a technician is the key to success in treating teeth with the use of porcelain crowns. However, who would not like to see the results even before treatment? The maintenance of face and teeth proportions, applicable shape of the occlusal surfaces may be designed based on the photographs. Due to them, doctors see therapeutic needs and technicians build new beautiful teeth easier and more thoroughly.


Digital Smile Design - another step in the world of digital dentistry.

Aesthetic dentistry

A wide range of procedures which shall bring back your skin colour. In our clinic we apply Fraxel laser and only proven, highly efficient preparations.

Aesthetic medicine

Modern technologies, proven procedures, foreseeable effect. First we design the smile and then we select applicable procedures in order to obtain fantastic results.

Medical tourism

We assist our patients in arranging accommodation.

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